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Anthropological Aspects of European Integration
(Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Master's Degree in European Studies)

In reply to an invitation issued by the Institute of Cultural Sciences and European Anthropology at the University of Basel, and as a result of a close co-operation between the universities of Murcia and Basel in the last years, the Jean Monnet Chair offers, in the three forthcoming academic years, three different subjects on the European integration processes from an anthropological perspective.

The subject Anthropological aspects of European integration carries out a review of current anthropological and sociological reflections. To this end, the starting point is the question about the challenges faced by cultural and social sciences in view of the transformations which the European sub-continent is undergoing, and how researchers have reacted to these challenges. At the same time, scientific self-positioning and theoretical projects will be analised in order to devise an adequate approach to empirical research on European integration processes.

UNIT 1: The research about Europe from the Second World War onwards.
UNIT 2: Does European integration require a paradigm shift regarding the concept of society currently held in social research?
UNIT 3: The debate on the cultural roots of Europe.
UNIT 4: Government without state, supranational institution or new state? - The debate on the character of the EU.
UNIT 5: Is the EU a network or a process?
UNIT 6: The European public sphere.
UNIT 7: Does the homo europeus exist?
UNIT 8: Images of the EU.
UNIT 9: Debates on transnationality and the EU.
UNIT 10: The EU in view of the debate on governmentality.

The subject will be taught in German (with texts in German and English)

VENUE:University of Basel, Institute of Cultural Sciences and European Ethnology.
DATES: 2/2012-7/2012
INTENDED FOR: Students of the Bachelor Degree in Cultural Anthropology and the Master's Degree in European Studies at the University of Basel.


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