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University-specific course (non-core subject): Cultures and identities in the European Union

This subject is offered as a complement to state-regulated degrees at the University of Murcia, and is addressed to all university students as well as to non-students who are interested in European issues. The aim of the subject is to enquire, from an anthropological perspective, into the EU motto 'United in diversity', considering both the common aspects and the diversity of cultures and identities conforming the EU. Taking examples from different countries as starting points, issues to deal with will be those related to national identity, everyday culture, relationships between the EU and its citizens, as well as the possibilities and limitations of European integration.

Regarding methodology, students will work in teams in order to prepare and present a topic. Their task is twofold: to elaborate a reflection on the chosen topic, and to analyse the processes of integration or disintegration of society in the given countries.

A selection will be made out of the following topics:
UNIT 1: History of the EU.
UNIT 2: France and Germany - The promoters of the EU?
UNIT 3: The Benelux countries The role of small countries.
UNIT 4: Great Britain and its special role.
UNIT 5: Denmark and Ireland: European scepticism as an element of national identity?
UNIT 6: The former Mediterranean dictatorships - The EU as a guarantor of democracy?
UNIT 7: The states of Eastern Europe - The EU as an economic magnet?
UNIT 8: The EU and the Balkans - EU's failure in the Eastern Mediterranean?
UNIT 9: Switzerland and Norway - An index of the EU's weakness in collaborations?
UNIT 10: Turkey - Is there room for an Islamic, NATO member country in the EU?
UNIT 11: Is there a European culture?
UNIT 12: The EU and its southern neighbours - images and politics of difference.

The subject will be taught in Spanish and English.
VENUE: University of Murcia, Faculty of Philosophy.
DATES: 2/2012 - 7/2012, 2/2013 - 7/2013, 2/2014 - 7/2014
INTENDED FOR: Students at the University of Murcia, and non-students interested in European issues.

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